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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

$37 per participant per room.

Are the games private?

Yes. All games are private upon booking. A minimum of two participants are required to successfully complete any room.

What if I need to use the restroom during my game?

​No problem! You are never trapped inside a room. If you need to use the restroom, feel free.

What if I need to add more participants to my booking?

​Happens all the time! You may modify your booking from the emailed confirmation you receive, OR just bring the extra players with you, and as long as they're with your group we'll charge them at "the door".

Do you accept walk-ins?

We do. However, please keep in mind we cannot guarantee availability without a reservation. Reservations booked through this site will ensure you can participate when you want. Additionally, final bookings of the night must be made 1 hour prior to start time.

What are the difficulty levels of each room?

Old Sparky: 7/10 (using zero clues)

Starship Libra: 10/10 (using zero clues)

Altamira: 8/10 (using zero clues)

Crematorium: 8/10 (using zero clues)

Corkscrewed: 8.5/10 (using zero clues)

Lobotomy: 9.5/10 (using zero clues)

Popstar Revenge: 8/10 - (using zero clues)

Darkcade: 7/10  - (using zero clues)

Wrecked: 9/10  - (using zero clues)

Purgatory: 10/10  - (using zero clues)

I have a large group, can I exceed the recommended maximum number of participants for the room?

Yes. All of our rooms have been run with numbers exceeding our recommended capacity for comfort and maximum fun. Please call us to book larger groups.

How long does each game last?

Each experience lasts up to an hour. Based on how fast you solve the clues and puzzles you may get out sooner (or not at all). 

Do you offer clues during the game?

Absolutely! We offer unlimited hints throughout your experience. One of our friendly game masters will be able to assist with a helpful hint anytime you may need one.

Is there an age requirement?

It's important to keep in mind that all escape rooms are designed for adults but kids and teens LOVE to do them. We encourage an adult to be present with participants under 12. With an adult to help facilitate the game it goes miles to everyone understanding the puzzles and enjoying themselves. We are all-age friendly and invite players of all ages to participate. A parent or guardian must be present to sign a waiver form prior to anyone under 18 participating. 

Are the rooms scary?

While some of the themes may seem scary, the rooms themselves are not inherently scary. All rooms are suitable for all ages.

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